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Kemal Atesmen

M. Kemal Atesmen completed his high school studies at Robert Academy in Istanbul Turkey in 1961. He received his B. Sc. degree from Case Western Reserve University, his M. Sc. degree from Stanford University, and his Ph. D. degree from Colorado State University, all in mechanical engineering. He is a life member of ASME. He initially pursued an academic and an industrial career in parallel and became an associate professor in mechanical engineering before dedicating his professional life to international engineering project management and engineering management for thirty-three years. He helped many young engineers in the international arena to bridge the gap between college and professional life in automotive, computer component, data communication, and offshore oil industries.

He published five books, sixteen technical papers, and has four patents. His books are “Global Engineering Project Management”, CRC Press, 2008, “Everyday Heat Transfer Problems – Sensitivities to Governing Variables”, ASME Press, 2009, “Understanding the World Around through Simple Mathematics”, Infinity Publishing, 2011, “A Journey Through Life, Wilson Printing, 2013, and “Challenging Cases in Global Engineering Project Management – Stakeholder, Scope, Knowledge, Schedule, Resource and Team Management”, CRC Press, 2015.

Kemal Atesmen