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Don Shafer

As cofounder, member of the board of directors, chief compliance, security, safety, health and environment officer, and technical fellow, Don Shafer developed Athens Group’s oil and gas practice and leads engineers in delivering software engineering services for exploration, production, and pipeline monitoring systems for clients such as BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and Shell. He led groups developing and marketing hardware and software products for Motorola, AMD, and Crystal Semiconductor. From the development of low-level software drivers to the selection and monitoring of semiconductor facilities, he has led key product and process efforts. As an expert witness, he helped win for the plaintiff the 2nd largest jury verdict in Texas: $238 million. He developed, produced and delivered a MOOC with the IEEE and UCal Irvine on Version 3 of the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge, of which he was one of the technical editors. 

He received a BS from the United States Air Force Academy and an MBA from the University of Denver. An IEEE senior member, he is a software engineering subject matter expert for the Cockrell School of Engineering’s Advanced Research in Software Engineering Center at the University of Texas at Austin. Shafer has contributed to many books and published articles, and is coauthor of Quality Software Project Management. He is a contributor to the Encyclopedia of Software Engineering and is a Certified Software Development Professional and Software Engineering Instructor. His current patents deal with control system hardware and software virtualization for functional and performance validation and verification.

Don Shafer