Know Thyself!

The Secrets of Self-Actualization and Workplace Engagement

In this session, Michael Milutis will share what he has learned from having consulted with hundreds of
project management and IT professionals from around the world on their career development challenges.
He will explain why self-knowledge and mindfulness are such critical success factors in the modern technology
workspace, while exploring the key personal questions to which everyone must find answers. Michael will walk
you through this process and then demonstrate how one's learning strategy, networking strategy, and personal
branding strategy all flow logically from the answers. Attendees will walk away with a roadmap for becoming
more fulfilled and self-actualized and for positively transforming their careers.

Learning Objectives

  1. Why is 80% of the global workforce disengaged and what does this mean for our lives and
    our businesses?
  2. What are the most common hang-ups that technology professionals face when trying to plot
    their career path? What are the most common mistakes they make?
  3. What is self-actualization and "flow" and how can it help technology workers become clearer
    on their career path and more fulfilled?

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About Michael

Michael Milutis is an INFP committed to human capital development, continuous
workplace learning, and corporate mindfulness. He works with technology
organizations to develop innovative learning cultures and he coaches individuals
and teams so that they can develop continuously, grow personally, and realize
their highest potential.

Since 1997, Michael has worked in marketing, new business development, and
L&D for Computer Aid, Inc (CAI), an international IT services and support firm.
He is also the creator and director of CAI’s "Great IT Professional", an organization
devoted to continuous learning and career development within the global
IT community.

Michael speaks around the world and offers coaching and consulting in the

areas of human capital development and peak performance management. You can connect with him on LinkedIn at