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Webinar Recordings

You are now able to view archived webinars that you might have missed or that you would like to study more closely. With each webinar you purchase, you will have 24 hours from the time of purchase to view the webinar and within that time period may view the webinar as many times as you want. All webinar recordings are approved with 1 Category A PDU credit and 1 IIBA CDU. Courses and PDU’s are provided by CAI (REP #2733). CAI (dba ITMPI) is an endorsed education provider of the IIBA.

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Interpersonal Skills for Leading Projects
Presented by: Cecelia Boggi Length: 61 min PDU accredited

This webinar will enable participants to gain the proper tools to manage skills and behaviors within teams to increase productivity and project success.

USD $29.99
Understanding’s Rocky Rollout
Presented by: Dan Galorath Length: 63 min PDU accredited

In this webinar, we will examine’s troubled launch and its implications for the IT industry. This webinar will include a detailed discussion of what went wrong, when, and why, as well as what can be learned from the experience.

USD $29.99
Managing the Fuzzy Front End of Projects
Presented by: Dr. Avi Shtub Length: 77 min PDU accredited

This webinar will discuss the proper tools and methodology in your Front End planning process which can lead to fewer risks and increased benefits.

USD $29.99
Automating a Cluttered and Inefficient Manual Regression Test Suite
Presented by: Randy Raymond Length: 57 min PDU accredited

This webinar will describe the challenges, considerations and business decisions surrounding the decision to automate a manual regression test.

USD $29.99
Surviving in a Matrix-Simple Techniques for Effective Project Management in a Matrix Organization
Presented by: Dr. Thomas Juli Length: 90 min PDU accredited

In this webinar Dr.Thomas Juli explains the value of motivation and continuous learning within a matrix organization. He will also discuss how to engage stakeholders in building a work package structure.

USD $29.99
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